River Treene (Germany) 


 Photo contribution:K.Majeran 

When I think back of a river that I have fished, the most filling and vivid memory is often the one of the arrival in the morning dew, when the thin haze still lingers and the scents of nature are intensified by the moisture

and it was exactly that kind of morning when we arrived, through lush fields, at the water in the high course of the Treene.

The Treene is located geographically a few kilometers south from the border to Denmark and it closely compares to the well know danish "Auen" rivers.

The stream meanders slowly through the meadows, far away from the road, in a peaceful environment. The fishing rules are indeed permissive, they do not set a maximum number of catches per day (source 2017) and all fishing techniques are allowed.

The fishing pressure seems to leave its sign and trout are scattered and extremely spooky. It is indeed a pity a lack of fly only zones with C&R or limited catches. Catch & Release areas could have a real magic touch and act as "lungs" for the all river, creating spots where fish can grow in size and, through the natural migrations, have a positive effect by reinvigorating the fish population of the coarse fishing zones.

The river can be a real challenge in terms of finding active fish feeding on the surface. We had the chance to fish the Mayfly (Ephemera danica) season and the chance to find rises were boosted. Not just trout appreciate the hatching mayflies, dragonflies hunt then greedily too.

Ducked and hidden behind the vegetation is the only way to approach a rising fish. Trout seem to have a sixth sense and be able to spot people from very far away.

Further downstream the Treene runs through woods, creating inspiring pools where one could bet on the presence of trout.

Gorgeus places that, likely due to the heat of mid afternoon, do not show any rising fish. With the exception of longed stalked fish that eventually turns out to be a 20 cm. brownie

The river winds for kilometers across the enchanting grassland. At times we come across teeming cattle that stare at us with an enquiring gaze. We walked in search of rising fish, sometimes with luck, waiting for the hatch to intensify.

The crowning of the wonderful time spent on the water: a 40 cm. brown trout, caught at dusk on a Mayfly emerger. The fish was promptly put back to swim, in the hope that it will be able to generate the next offspring for this beautiful stream.