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Lake Affolderner

One single license that gives the right for fishing a lake and its tail water. Internet rumors that report of trout and hatches. With rain-swollen rivers, it is enough to get us going.

Mayfly & chalkstream

The best dry fly fishing? A real mayfly hatch on a chalkstream. Plenty of mayfly, big fish rising, idyllic stream: a real classic. Heavenly instants fly fishing with a friend.

Romania fly fishing

Summer is the best months to venture in search of mountain trout. The most difficult to reach places are the ones where the trout are pure and wild. Nothing compares to a day spent on a lost river, cherishing the beauty of nature.

Ruegen 2022

During fall 2021 thirty tons of dead fish were washed ashore in the inner lagoons of the island Rügen and according to local sources another fish death happened in early 2022. We have been there for the pike season opening to see what's up with Rügen!


Summer mayfly
Scientific name:
Siphlonurus lacustris


The Atlantic ocean is rich of European bass. Fly fishing at the mouth of river Aljezur offers good chances to catch some.

Aspire streamer

When the Asp is in surface frenzy there is nothing more deadly than the ASP-IRE streamer. Here its recipe is revealed.

Nano nymphs

Nano nymphs definition, need for nano-nymphs, tying materials and how to use them.

Para BWO

The polar hare's feet hair are used in this imitation to tye the wings. Properly greased they have an excellent buoyancy.

River Holaa

The Holaa river is outlet of Lake Laugarvatn. The river and the lake are known for hosting arctic char in large numbers.


The last cast - Mid summer day's dream - Time crystal - Worms!

Krum fly

At times the emergin nymphs have difficulties to free from the schuck and they get stuck half way. Fish know that

Ammarnaes trout

 Under the Laila waterwalls there are a few stretches with very large grayling.

Nordic grayling

 Ammarnäs in Sweden, the river Vindel is world-famous for the giant lake trout that run into it.


When chub are in the mood they can offer great times fishing with dry flies  

ASP! On the fly

The Asp is most of the time an elusive ghost. But when the day comes, it is a day you will remember for a long time.


The Püttlach

River Mur

Blue Winged Olive

River Ybbs