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Nano nymphs

Nano nymphs definition, need for nano-nymphs, tying materials and how to use them.

River pike!

Pike that live in rivers are wary, ferocious and strong. Is there any best strategy to catch them on the fly?

Winter Red

A fancy fly? In the cold season stoneflies hatch and one can see them dotting the snow. The spent of this order is for the fish natural food. This wet version represent this last phase in the lifecycle of the Plecoptera.

Anti-reverse fly reel

Anti-reverse reels represent less than 1% of the fly reel market. Is preserving your knuckles a deciding factor? How do they perform with fresh water predators? We had the chance to test one from a well-know manifacturer.


Scientific name:
Gammarus roeseli

ASP! On the fly

The Asp is most of the time an elusive ghost. But when the day comes, it is a day you will remember for a long time.

River Holaa

The Holaa river is outlet of Lake Laugarvatn. The river and the lake are known for hosting arctic char in large numbers.


The last cast - Mid summer day's dream - Time crystal - Worms!

Seenplatte Fly fishing

The Mecklenburg Lake Plateau is a well-known place for coarse anglers and we could not find any information about fly fishing. Equipped with belly boat and fly rod we explored the area.

Monster barbel on a fly

2021, the world is still in lockdown, travelling is a far memory. For the addicted to big and strong fish a real curse. So we have to find the challenge close to home. Where and how?

Nera Fly fishing

The river Nera runs in Umbria, in the middle of Italy. This region is one of the most charming in the country. With gorgeous lanscapes,perched on hills middle-age villages and beatiful rivers.

Summer nymph

Despite the name this nymph will catch in spring and fall too. A fly for the alpine stream, white waters or faster currents. In the smaller size it works also well in slower currents. Not everyone may know that this nymph.. 

Tying a Mayfly nymph

The use of mayfly nymph in the un-weighted version is at times under-estimated. During the hatch, the insect that swims to emerge, squirmig and wiggling in the surface film, is often more attractive to the fish than the winged ones.

East Ranga

We paid a visit to The East Ranga in the middle of June and .. it was a great surprise.

VIDEO Sea-trout

A sudden algae inflorescence colors the water with pollen, what to do? I am forced to change the fishing place. And by chance I find this beach 

A visit to the Gacka

 The Gacka river is a legend, after the Balcan war in the 90's and its decline, it is gaining back its reputation  


Who has not caught a grayling while drifting a tube fly with the two-hand? Salmon rivers often host large grayling. So why not to give it a try with a dry fly


The River Aelva in Norway is untamed and offers good hot spots for salmon fishing and observing them overcoming the waterfalls  


River Gacka

River Piave

River Borselv

Brook Leinleiter