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Sedge pupa

Green caseless caddis like Rhyacophila and Hydropsyche are very common in most rivers of Europe.

Breaking news

To try recover from an ecosystem breakdowns, Norway took the drastic and courageous decision to stop salmon fishing in 33 rivers and along the coast.

River Kyll

The river Kyll originates in Belgium, and it flows for almost its entire course through Germany. The fished section proved to be rich in trout and insects.


A superb damsel and dragonfly pattern for rivers and lakes. This E.F.A. dressing employs far less foam than the classis patterns, resulting in a much easier fly to cast.


Brown Mayfly
Scientific name:
Ephemera vulgata

getting high for trout

There are two categories of waters: those where the trout are found in the easiest accessible places, and those others where the trout are in the farthest and most difficult. As well there are two categories of trout

The Global Dun

The global dun is an imitation of small and medium mayfies that, after emerging, ride the surface before becoming airborne. If the devil is in the details this fly is definetly not a saint.

The 50' rule

Arctic char on the Alps are no rarity, assuming one is willing to find them. We are not talking about farmed fish, but wild fish. They live above 1000 meters above sea level.Here a good hint on how to find them.


If fly-fishing for bonefish compares to sight nymphing for trout raised to the power of ten, what when this is accomplished on one's own while fishing in unknown waters and with no one to point you in the right direction?

Faul-proof streamers

Sick-tired of fibers streamers that faul around the hook after few casts? Look at this tying video.

Santa Susanna

 In this beatifule landscape St. Francis of Assisi was inspired to compose the Canticle of the Creatures. For the beauty of the landscape and the exceptional flow of water the Santa Susanna spring was declared a natural monument in 1977.

River Lauter

The Große (big) Lauter is a chalkstream in Germany that has good hatches of the real Mayfly (E.danica) between end May and mid June.

East Ranga

 The East Ranga runs in the south west side of Iceland, it has good spawning grounds and good sized salmon.

Scouting the Lauter

 The Große Lauter is a German chalk stream. In this footage some impression of the stream while the Ephemera danica is hatching.

Ammarnaes trout

 Ammarnäs in Sweden, the river Vindel is world-famous for the giant lake trout that run into it.

Mayfly & chalkstream

The best dry fly fishing? A real mayfly hatch on a chalkstream. Plenty of mayfly, big fish rising, idyllic stream: a real classic. In this video some heavenly moments while fly fishing with a friend.


Tropic of Capricorn

River Gacka

Black of river Coghinas

River Ybbs