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The Super Bug

A bug, as well as an general pattern with a good buoyancy, this fly is a real all rounder, for the white water and, in smaller sizes, for the slow flowing part of the stream.

The Arrival

They approach the coast once a year to mate and they are hungry. From the shore or with the belly boat, where to find them, what flies are the best, find it in this video


When Asp hunt close to the surface there is nothing that competes with this fly

May benthos analysis

 Little headwaters are often rich in aquatic bio-diversity. May and June are the months of the Yellow Sally (Isoperla grammatica). There was a plenitude of nymphs and winged insect in this little brook.


Torrent dun
Scientific name:
Epeorus alpicola


The are a fantastic places for mountain biking on the Alps. There are lost small streams and brooks where wild trout thrive with no or few knowledge of anglers. Let's see what happens biking with a rod in the backback.

DIY pike trace

Pike traces are imposed enourmous stress while fly casting and they usually worn in a wink. I have made my own very simple pike trace for a while and they proved to be far more durable.

Bled Snowhite

A minimalist dressing with an impressionistic silouhette and almost neutral buoyancy. Let this fly idle to then strip it with a jerk. A move that pike seldom resist

Craving for pike

The island of Rügen in the far north of Germany is a mythical place for pike fly anglers. In this video a synthetic resume on the key things to know, the best months, the best gears and flies to rise to the challenge.


  If the Mediterranean sea can offer good game fish, it ain't always easy to catch something. I ventured out with the boat and had a great day fly-fishing with poppers.

Lake Affolderner

One single license that gives the right for fishing a lake and its tail water. Internet rumors that report of trout and hatches. With rain-swollen rivers, it is enough to get us going.

Slim Shadie

The slim shadie is a simple fly that may look stiff at first glance, however it has proven successfully. Eventually the fish know it better.

East Ranga

 The East Ranga has good spawning grounds and good sized salmon.

Ammarnaes trout

 Ammarnäs in Sweden, the river Vindel is world-famous for the giant lake trout that run into it.

Nordic grayling

 Under the Laila waterwalls there are a few stretches with very large grayling.


  The River Neiden runs across Finland and Norway and it is a classic salmon stream  


River Mera


Black of river Coghinas

River Piave