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getting high for trout

There are two categories of waters: those where the trout are found in the easiest accessible places, and those others where the trout are in the farthest and most difficult. As well there are two categories of trout

The Global Dun

The global dun is an imitation of small and medium mayfies that, after emerging, ride the surface before becoming airborne. If the devil is in the details this fly is definetly not a saint.

The 50' rule

Arctic char on the Alps are no rarity, assuming one is willing to find them. We are not talking about farmed fish, but wild fish. They live above 1000 meters above sea level.Here a good hint on how to find them.

Emerging nymph

This fly is fantastic for slow flowing streams, when the fish feed on rising nymphs and disregard anything else. It can be tied in different colors, the recommended ones being olive/tan, light olive/dark olive, gray/black


Medium sedge
Scientific name:
Goera pilosa


If fly-fishing for bonefish compares to sight nymphing for trout raised to the power of ten, what when this is accomplished on one's own while fishing in unknown waters and with no one to point you in the right direction?

Faul-proof streamers

Sick-tired of fibers streamers that faul around the hook after few casts? Look at this tying video.

Santa Susanna

 In this beautiful landscape St. Francis of Assisi was inspired to compose the Canticle of the Creatures. For the beauty of the landscape and the exceptional flow of water the Santa Susanna spring was declared a natural monument in 1977.

River Lauter

The Große (big) Lauter is a chalkstream in Germany that has good hatches of the real Mayfly (E.danica) between end May and mid June.

Sherry Spent

Serratella ignita is a widely spread mayfly, it can be found in the flatlands as well as in the mountains, in chalk streams and white waters.

Jig Beam

Salmon, sea trout, trout, chub or pike, this fly can catch them all.

Garfish on the fly

They approach the coast once a year to mate and they are hungry. From the shore or with the belly boat, where to find them, what flies are the best, find it in this video


Arctic circle, arctic lake and arctic char.

Craving for pike

The island of Rügen in the far north of Germany is a mythical place for pike fly anglers. In this video a synthetic resume on the key things to know, the best months, the best gears and flies to rise to the challenge.

German lakes plateu

 The lakes plateau in the nord of Germany is a paradise for belly boaters. Most of the natural lakes are connected to each other via channels and with good muscles one can fish more ponds in the same day.


Big grayling in salmon rivers  


Black Bass

Gold of Amblève

Black of river Coghinas

River Gacka