River Kyll

The river Kyll originates in Belgium, and it flows for almost its entire course through Germany. The fished section proved to be rich in trout and insects..


 Canale S.Susanna

In this beatifule landscape St. Francis of Assisi was inspired to compose the Canticle of the Creatures. For the beauty of the landscape and the exceptional flow of water the Santa Susanna spring was declared a natural monument in 1977.


 Amberjeck on the fly

The Mediterranean sea offer good game fish, it ain't easy to catch them though. I ventured out with the boat and had a great day fly-fishing with poppers.


 River Größe Lauter

The Große (big) Lauter is a chalkstream in Germany that has good hatches of the real Mayfly (E.danica) between end May and mid June.


 River Kamačnik

Marko tells us about a small and beatiful river in central Croatia. A little gem that rises from a chalk downland tunnel so deep that could not be entirely explored.


 Lake Affolderner

One single license for fishing a lake and a part of its tail water. Internet rumors that report of trout and hatches. With rain-swollen rivers, it is enough to get us going.


 Romania fly fishing

Summer is the best months to venture in search of mountain trout. The most difficult to reach places are the ones where the trout are pure and wild. Nothing compares to a day spent on a lost river, cherishing the beauty of nature..


 Ruegen 2022

In winter 2021 thirty tons of dead fish were washed ashore in the inner lagoons of the island Rügen and according to local sources another fish death happened in early 2022. We have been there for the pike season opening to see what's up with Rügen!


 River Aljezur

In the scenic coast of Algarve the mouth of river Aljezur is a good spot to fly fish for European sea bass.


 River Holaa

The Holaa river is outlet of Lake Laugarvatn. The river and the lake are known for hosting arctic char in large numbers.


 Mecklenburg Seenplatte

The Mecklenburg Lake Plateau is a well-known place for coarse anglers and we could not find any information about fly fishing. Equipped with belly boat and fly rod we explored the area.


 River Nera

Among gorgeous lanscapes and perched on hill middle-age villages, this long fly only zone is full of trout.



The Maldives in the Indian Ocean, beside the post-card beaches there are fantastic opportunities to fly fish for the giant trevally.


 River Neckar

The high part of the river Neckar in Germany is a fly fishing zone. It lies at the feet of the Castle of Weitenburg. The fly only area is about 10 km long


 River Tronto

Amid history and monuments there is a river that runs through, and it is full of trout


 Barragem de Odiáxere

Barragem are medium to large artificial bodies of water. Cyprinids and predators like the pike and the voracious black bass dwell in these clear waters.


 River Bruara

We have been driving north-west for about 35 km on the road 35. We get off the car and cannot wait to mount the rod and wear the outfit. We are in fishing mood and the river looks just perfect..


 River Gacka

After a decline period during and after the Balkan war, the Gacka is back.


 Trout on river Białka

We heard of a stream named Białka. The name has its root in the Polish word Biały


 Salmon of East Ranga

The East Ranga is a salmon river that holds large and strong fish. We had the chance to spend two days fishing it.


 River Forzo

While trekking in the national park of Gran Paradiso we came across a beautiful alpine stream


 Lake Øvrevann

Around the lake wildlife thrives. At midnight we could admire an Elk (Alces alces) grazing in front of our cabin


 Father Rhine

How thin is the line dividing a blanking day from a successful one


 River Vuolajohka, upper side

We walked for hours through the low moutains of Finnmark to reach the higher part of the river, home of the wild brown trout and mysterious large shadows


 Le Cigogne

A fly fishing only reservoir with decent stocked fish and good water quality, but catching ain't always easy.


 Mullet on river Seixe

Fly fishing for the mullet is a mission impossible but there is a way for a deterministic approach that is like fishing the hatch


 On the river Vuolajohka

After crossing a lake by boat and walking (and fishing) through a rough terrain for kilometers, a gorgeous scenario tears open


 River Dunajec

We had the chance to explore one of the well known polish river, the Dunajec. We had bad luck with the weather but great days on the water


 River Laxelv

We follwed the Laxelv from its estuary in the fjord up to the mountains. We had no luck with the salmon but we caught a number of other species. Here the report


 Bahamas bonefish fly fishing

Bahamas is a paradise for bonefishing. The outer islands are far less turistic, offer fantastic flats and the fish average size is big.


 The Püttlach

Every now and then, I caught myself as being haunted by the distant memory of a stream where, years ago..


 Laila waterfalls

We have just arrived at the cabin, we are tired for the long trip but badly in need for some fishing


 River Treene

When I think back of a river, the most filling and vivid memory is often the one of the arrival in the morning dew..



The waters of the rivers of the Prepirineo, running through limestone rivers are rich in organic matter


 The Ibones

The "ibones" are mountain lakes that are located above 1,600 m of altitude between the French and the Spanish Pyrenees


 Saltwater pike

Morphologically comparable to a Mediterranean of the north east countries, the Baltic sea is characterized by a lower salinity..


 River Neiden

A first class salmon river with plenty of big sized fish. The river Neiden is an un-tamed river running through Finland and Norway


 River Flumendosa

The river Flumendosa sources from the Gennargentu moutain and runs through almost half of the island.


 Sea trout

Some days spent fly fishing for sea trout in the northern sea of Norway ..


 River Mera

The Mera can provide a nice alternative to the well-known Adda. The river can be fished along the stretch from the lake Mazzola (just short before the lake Como) and the village of Chiavenna.


 German Traun

After reading a lot in the Internet, I decided to visit the private fishing waters managed by Rudi Heger in the Bavaria region, an hour and half drive east of Munich


 Großarl valley

Our destination -Austria- the Großarl Valley by the village of Hüttschlag. I had been here a few years ago and I had promised to return


 Lake Hernarajärvi

The lake is reachable from the road with about one hour walk. After a steep climb that lasts 40 minutes, we reach a plateu...


 Porsanger fjord

If it wasn't for the white snow on the mountains at horizon, this turquoise water would trigger reminiscence about the Caribbean Sea


 Orco alpine stream

Here in Italy in most waters the official trout season begins the last Sunday of February. Quite a lot of snow fell this year on the mountains, we decided to pay a visit to the no kill zone of the Orco creek at the village of Noasca


 Ala di Stura

A no kill zone in the western Alps in the italian region of Piedmont. The union of the two streams:  Stura di Ala and Stura di Viù, originates the Stura di Lanzo, a stony bottom alpine river with low temperature water and good flow


 River Børselv

Finnmark is a vast, scarcely populated area in the very north of Norway. The nature here is largely intact, due to little pressure from population.


 Carp fly fishing

Josè Rodrigues introduces us into the secret of fly fishing for wild carp in Portugal.


 River Vindel

The Vindelaelven river holds big grayling and the amazing Ammarnäs trout.


 The province of León

Juanjo Jaras intruduces us, with a bird's eye view looking, to the region of León in Spain. In the report he presents some of the best places for brown trout fly fishing in lakes and streams.


 Lake Lauchert

This lake in middle Germany, fed by chalk a stream, is a fine reservoir. Surrounded by lawns and with wooden benches on the shore, it offers good fishing of sized brownies.


 Spanish Pyrenees

It is a wild river, a pure river, steeped in history, born in the Pyrenees mountains and that gived his name to the current region in which it is located, Aragóns.



Making the most of Scotland, for me isn’t about playing the bagpipes while wearing a kilt and eating shortbread, it’s about putting up with a storm, 40mph winds and driving rain because you just love being out there in it



Someone names this place "Little Patagonia" for a very good reason.  No doubt, who fishes in this section has the possibility to catch the fish of the life


 Char on the Finnish highlands

It is first of july and summer is finally here in North Finland ,Kilpisjärvi. Thermometer show +16c, and sun is shining!


 The grayling of river Tjulån

The Tjulån hosts big grayling, fish can some days be very moody but grayling can grant astonishing surprises when they enter the right mood. Fish over 50 cm are caught on regular basis..


 Salmon on River Aelva

The Äelva is a untamed river which flows into the Bindalfjord. A pristine river in an unspoiled nature with mixed run of salmon and sea-trout.


 Lake Akeleietjønna & co

After a long drive on dirt road, we start our walk through the tundra. Our goal is a group of small lakes, framed by snowed mountain tops in Norway , about 150 kilometers below the arctic circle


 The river Könkämeno

Up north in the arctic circle, through endless forests and tundra, the Könkämeno in Finland, one of Muonio river's upper branches, is a top water for the arctic grayling


 Wolf in the Black Forest

Heavy rain has been falling during the all afternoon but at dusk the sky has cleared up. The next morning some clouds hang over the trees but there is no rain in sight and the water is perfectly clear ..


 The river Lainio

Up north, within the arctic circle, the Lainio is a tributary to the mighty Torne River, we intend to try our luck with the atlantic salmon...



The Ambléve springs in Belgium on the Hautes Fagnes upland in the province of Liège. It runs for 93 km and then it flows into the Outher. I had the chance to be guided through this catch and release fishing reserve


 Lake Naakajärvi

We have just landed from the chaotic, polluted metropoles of Europe and eager to bathe in the silent nature. The place charms us at first sight and in a moment, in the realm of our emotion it gains the nickname of Lake Nirvana ..


 The River Piave

Framed by the Dolomites, the Piave has its source in the Carnian Alps and it flows into the Adriatic Sea, northeast of Venice. Famous as the last line of resistance of the Italian army during World War I, it is today a river with wonderful C&R stretches, large fish, pleanty of hatches and turqois water.


 The Kleine Drau

The kleine (=little) Drau in the south of the austrian region of Carinthia has all the characteristics of a "pure breed" chalk-stream.


 The river Mur

This very long fly-only no-kill stretch spans from emerald alpine stream to lime-bottom turqouis water


 The Rotguelden alpine lake

A wonderful day on an alpine lake, fly fishing for trout and .. big landlocked grayling


 The river Soča

The Soca river: with its the turquoise colour and the rich fish population is definitely a unique gem of nature that each fly angler ought to visit


 The river Schwarza

Located in the former East Germany, framed by the Thuringian forest, the Schwarza upper part has top quality waters and plenty of hatches.


 The Vellach

The Vellach is a river in the southern part of Austria, in the Carinthia region, close to the border to Slovenia.


 The river Savinja

It is a typical alpine stream, with stony bottom and clear cold waters. The water is categorized as 1st class quality


 Fly fishing on the Leinleiter

Fly fishing in a little brook, tiny water but big surprises, Paul shows what nice fish such a small stream can host ..


  Blau, a chalk stream

The Blau is a wonderful chalkstream in Germany close to the city of Ulm. Here a report of a day in autumn on this beatiful river.


  Black bass of Coghinas

The Coghinas hosts one of the most voracious predators of the European fresh waters: the black bass, almost unknow in the north of Europe, it is widely spread in the south ..


  River Lutaur

The alpine region of Norrbotten covers an area that is almost a fourth of the entire United Kingdom.  There are more then 20.000 lakes and thousends kilometers of rivers ...


  River Dora Baltea

The reserve that streches between Mazzé and Villareggia in Piedmont (north Italy) is well populated with trout and some nice grayling


  The grayling of river Lais

Astonishing landscapes, untouched nature, a wild river and a stretch full of grayling visited during the midnignt sun period in Lappland ...


  River Enz in the Black Forest

The banks are bushy and rich of vegetation but it is possible to wade almost everywhere.  The river here hosts big trout, fish of 60 or more cm. are not rare ...


  River Ybbs

The water is cristall-clear to the unlikely. Grayling, brown and rainbow trouts raise everywhere, often a small precise pattern can make the difference...


  Stura di Lanzo

At the feet of the alps, this reserve had been close for fishing for several years before opening as a No Kill ..



The Nagold runs through the Black Forest, in the german region of Baden-Württemberg. The stretch presented here is about 2 Km. long ...


  Konga Au

Brown trout and sea trout in one of the most famous 'Auen' in Denmark ...