Bug chub on a dry fly 


BIG CHUB ON A DRYFLY, during summer an opportunity to pay visit to the river around the corner.

With the arrival of the nice season insects of any size and colour end up into the water and prospect a variopint diet for our fish friends.

Big flies with dark body and foam head like the one in the picture on a Knapek barbless hook size 8, are patterns which work well also when mounted in tandem.

From June to August grasshoppers and coleopteras literally swarm in the fields. The bigger chub know it and often wait close to the bank, ready to snatch the fat preys.

This generic terrestrial in foam has given extraordinary results while hunting close to the banks. Its high floating profile and the simple binding steps have deserved this fly THE terrestrial slot in my flybox (Hook size 10 - 12).

But the biggest chub get going for even bigger and more caloric preys. Damsel and dragonflies are closely related to water, and live "dangerously" as they fly in proximity of water plants and reeds.

In the picture an over 50 cm. that could not resist a big damsel patter. The dressing is shown in the flybox section.