Shrimp for the seatrout 


Well known and appreciate sport fish of the northern European countries fly anglers, it is not present in the Mediterranean sea. The sea trout is the anadromous form of brown trout Salmo trutta. Widely present along the Atlantic, the Baltic coasts, the Barents and the arctic sea, they return to rivers for spawning. Sea trout are silvery color with black spots. Once they return to freshwater they take the typical coloration of the brown trout, with red spots and brownish flanks.

The sea trout is a fantastic sporting fish and great fighter, comparable in power to a salmon. Adult sea trout swim often in schools and with the rising tide they move into the shallow areas of the coast in search of food. In saltwater the diet of the mature sea trout consists of fish and crustaceans.

Shrimps are present throughout the all year and they are big part of the diet of the sea trout.

Shrimp patterns are my favourite flies when chasing the silver trout in saltwater and always worth a try.

Shrimps come in different colors and hues, but when it comes to tie one to the leader and start combing the water, my favourite and most effective flavour is pink.

This pattern leverage on its visibility in sunny condition. The head is red seal dubbing with black bead chain eyes to swim reverse. The body is silver tinsel palmered with a shocking pink hackles and topped by sparse pink marabou fibers.

One of the best, well known pattern is the Pattegrisen. It is a fly of Danish origin and its name means piglet, of course it is most tied color is .. pink.