Kamačnik (Croatia)   


by Marko Musulin  

Croatia hide some of the most beautiful small creeks. One of them is the Kamačnik in central Croatia.

Kamačnik's creek protected landscape arouses the curiosity of an increasing number of people with its natural beauty. In recent years, it has been gaining more and more popularity in the world of fly fishing.

The length of the water course is around 3.2 km, and a well-maintained path leads from its mouth into the river Dobra to the its source. The source itself is still unexplored because the current explorations of the cave channels have reached 118m, and it was not possible to go any farther.

A wonderful oasis and harmony of nature, where the wild brown trout predominates, which unfortunately has almost disappeared from most rivers due to over-fishing and stocking with fish of dubious origin.

Only fly-fishing is allowed, with one fly and barbless hook. The river is a catch-and-release fishery along its entire course. One wonderful characteristic is that there are insects in the air throughout the day, and it is a special pleasure to fish with a dry fly.

Every time I come to this water, I am always surprised by the beauty of the wild trout, which have unreal colors that only nature can paint. For every true lover of fly fishing and nature, this river will be a real gem. Indescribable nature, wild fish, peace, greenery, and the murmur of mountain water.

The water is managed by “SRD Kamačnik”, a young team that is truly in love with fly-fishing and is trying in every way to preserve this little gem of Croatia. Info 2022: daily permit is 150kn (about 20€) information and contact can be found in the SRD Kamačnik facebook site.