River Białka (Poland) 


The rain has been pouring down for the last two days and most rivers turned to a muddy color. We heard of a stream in the area named Białka. The name comes from the Polish word Biały, which means white or pure, and considering the conditions of most running waters, it is fueling hope.

We approach the river on a dirt road, trying not to get stuck in the mud with the car. We park on side on a widening and rush to check the stream.

To our astonishment, the river is crystal clear. The water is so clear that when I enter it in wading it takes me by surprise, I underestimate the depth and find myself in chest-deep water.

We observe for some minutes in silence, a few insects are in the air, no sign of rising fish. We mount gold beads nymphs and start exploring the currents.

The first cast and from the depth a golden reflex sparkles and a trout bends the rod. A nice 25 cm. brown trout, it might be a perfect day.

The ice is broken, we know now the trout are active and we fish with confidence. It may sound trivial but to fish in an unknown river isn't always as easy as it may seem.

Some large ecdyonurus hatches, along with sparse mayflies and tiny stoneflies. No rise, but a good sized dry-fly hunting the riffles and pools is able to attract and catch trout. The nymph remains more productive though.

The river allows easy wading and each of us is fishing on opposite banks.

Low and heavy cloud seems to threaten with rain at any time, but Zeus will let us stay dry the all day long.

We do not see any other angler and the landscape is gorgeous and far from the road. We fish in a peaceful and inspiring environment.

We miss the big trout, but the number of catches is above expectation.

We stay until dusk and keep on catching trout until. As we walked back to the car, we are extremely positive of the day, a river that deserve a further exploration.