Saltwater pike (Baltic sea) 


The Baltic Sea, in many European languagesvcalled "Eastern Sea", extends from 53 to 66 degrees in latitude and between 10 to 30 degrees E in longitude. Morphologically comparable to a Mediterranean of the north east countries, it stretches from Denmark to Finland.

The Baltic, characterized with colder temperatures and less evaporation, has a low salinity, ca. 1 gram salt per liter. In comparison, the Mediterranea sea, with its warm climate is subject to high evaporation and higher salt content wth a salinitiy of 3,8 g. per liter.)

The sea water is rich in organic substance. Shoals of Hering come to breed in these waters.Pike find here a good diet and grow much faster than their freshwater brethren.

Coming across Jellyfish while wading can be quite common. The Baltic has an average of only 53 m. depth. Close to islands and parts of the coast, there are vast shallow sandbanks partly cover with algae meadows, they're called Bodden in the german territories.

Similar to the carebbean flats the 'Bodden' extend for squared kilometers. Technically a Bodden is a coastal area, often in the form of the bay, with little depth. The name might origin from the Germanic word 'Boden', that is bottom.

Pike of the Baltic, especially the largest, live in deeper waters during the summer period summer. Between autumn and late spring they come hunting in shallow water.

Fish is not only close to the reeds. The fishing action in wading can lead to hundreds of meters from the shore. The side exposed to the mainland and the inland lagoons, with small waves and shallowness are the pike's kingdom.

In the absence of any sign of hunting fish, a good tactic is proceeding very slowly in one direction, casting to cover 180 degrees in front of us. And never forget enough steel-wire and robust and long pliers to unhook.

Special care is to be taken while wading, especially when distracted by fishing situations or with particular weather conditions. There are deeper channels and holes every now and then and even if the water is clear a mistake can be fatal.

In Some places, especially close to deeper zones is common to come across spinning and coarse anglers. Here the feeling is a bit like in the salmon pools, everyone hoping in the lucky cast.

Truth is that fish is everywhere, lonely places included. Here pike comes in shoals. Once one is hooked the possibility to have more bites in the sorrounding is very high and you can be sure: a bigger pike is always in ambush.