Prepireneo (Spain) 



The Prepirineo is a mountain range in the south of the Pyrenees. It extends from east to west for about 425 km and it is characterized by low altitudes.

The Guara Natural Park of Sierra and Canyons is the most emblematic place.

The rivers, that run through the limestone terrain of the mountainous system, have carved canyons and waterfalls of astonishing beauty for the angler's delight.

The relatively low altitude of the mountains conditions the flow of the rivers and the feeding of the trout. This makes April, May, October and November the best months to fish the Pre-Pyrenees .

The waters of the rivers of the Prepirineo, running through limestone rivers, are rich in organic matter and being relatively "warm" waters, create unique conditions for the trout, that do grow here in remarkable large sizes.

The Zebra Trout is a brown trout endemic to these rivers that flow into the Mediterranean sea basin. This trout is characterized by its lateral fringes and great adaptability to resist the droughts.

In some rivers of the Pre-Pyrenees there are also good populations of rainbow trout. A trout that reaches large sizes and is a very strong fish.

Pyrenees Fly Fishing ( is a fishing guide company that works in Northern Spain. It has two centers of operations, one of them in Graus, in the heart of the Aragonese Pre-Pyrenees.