Lake Hernarajärvi (Norway)  


 Image contr. K. & P.Majeran  

The lake is reachable from the road with about one hour walk. After a steep climb through the woods that lasts 40 minutes, we arrive on a plateau with a breath-taking view.

It easy now to get to the lake on the no more sloping path.. and there it lies, the water calm and flat, reflecting the landscape like a mirror.

There is no sign of human recent visit. Likely we are the first people setting foot on this banks after the melting of the ice and the long arctic winter.

Sweaty after the walk, we take a first careful look at the water to realize that trout are rising almost anywhere.

The trout are in a real good mood, they really seem to be taking a chance of the nice day by feeding hungrily on the surface. It really looks like one of those good lucky days.

After changing a few flies we find the right ones and start catching trout between 20 and 40 cm.

Even the breeze that sometimes ripples the surface does not influence the rise of the fish. A 50cm trout break the leader the 0.16 leader. They are wild fish and strong.

Plenty of insects fly in the air, dark mid sized mayflies, gnat, mosquitos, sedges. The most taken artificial flies: the humpy with light olive abdomen and the deadly black gnat in size from 16 to 14.

The colour of the fish vary from silver to gold, some are long and thin after the long winter and made of pure muscle. Fantastic fish, 100% wild.

Each of us keep one trout for the open fire. After hours of fishing under the midnight sun, we have no longer cognition of what time of the day it is. We just feel hungry and need a rest, the water of the lake is even drinkable, happiness lies in front of us.