River Dunajec (Poland) 


We land in Krakow, rent a car and drive south. We cross Nowy Targ and proceed for some kilometers to our accommodation. It is afternoon and there is not enough time for organizing licences and start fishing. Thus we take a first exploration tour.

First stop is at the well-known catch and release area after the Krosnica village, where large trout and grayling dwells. The water is quite high and colored due to the abundant rain that fell in the previous days. And the weather forecast is not promising any good for days to come. There is a fly angler in action, but the condition is far from optimal and we will not be able to fish here.

We drive upstream and have a look at the river close to the Three Kings mountain range. Water is high, but there is plenty of rising fish. This zone is outside the C&R area and it does not require any additional permit other than the national/regional license.

It is a bit crowded with tourists that descend the river in the typical wooden rafts. It could be a good place to start fishing the next day. We yet do not know that in the night the rain will force us to change our plan as the water level will rise of a good meter. We then drive to purchase the licenses.

The day after we have to face the fact that during night rain has worsen things and our plan has to be re-drawn. Upstream the Czorsztynskie Lake the water is still at an acceptable level and it is relatively clear.

There is no rising fish and we start with nymphs, catching some brown trout.

We walk and fish for a good kilometer and half with mixed success, always with the nymph. Some more brown trout are caught and no grayling.

The zone is open to all fishing techniques and the rules for taking fish home are not really restrictive.

We still have gush of rains every now and then. In the hope for some larger fish we try our luck with dark streamers.

Close to a bridge we catch more trout, always on nymph and small streamer. The weather meanwhile becomes worse.

The trout look well in shape and healthy, strong fish that reward us of the adverse meteorological bad luck.

At lunch fishing break we indulge in the delicious Pierogi, a typical polish ravioli filled with cabbage and chanterelle mushroom.

The next day, after another night of rain, we exlpore farther upstream. We fish in a delightful zone, far from roads. A nice river area that might hide some interesting potential under luckier circumstances.

We land a number of nice brownies, always with nymphs while the rain seems to give us some rest.

The next day we have to surrender. The night rain had no mercy, it has been pouring in such quantity that the river is no longer fishable. It will remain this way for the days to come.