River Flumendosa (Italy) 


Mostly known for its white (but as well pink and golden) fine sand beaches and crystal turquoise waters, Sardinia is the second largest island in the mediterranean sea. For those who like to take some rest from the beach life, the inland offers breathtaking landscapes, forest of oleander and some relatively un-spoiled fresh waters with wild fish.

The river Flumendosa sources from the Gennargentu moutain and runs through almost half of the island before ending in the mediteranean sea in the south east part of Sardegna. In summer many other water courses dry-out but the Flumendosa has a constant flow even during the hottest months.

Water is warm and the course is mostly potamal. As we arrive we immediately spot groups of large fish taking shelter from the sun in the deepest pools, under the shadow of the trees.

We are equipped for the black bass that dwell this water in impressive amounts. But these fish overthere are carp. After some attempts with large crayfish patterns a small gray nymph returns un-expected success..

Carp are strong fish there is no regret for delaying the black bass fishing, but the largest carp do not want to bite.

Back to black bass fishing, almost any popper in yellow, green or other fancy colour will work well. The number of smaller fish is very high and often they do not give a chance to the larger fish to attack the fly.

A red crayfish imitation did work very well too. We could spot black of more than a kilo in the water but they were far more suspicious than young fish. We spent a real great day, we did not come across any fisherman the all day and fished in wonderful scenarios. But mind the heat

If you should pass by, mind that in summer air temperature can reach 40 Celsius and the sun beats. Take enough drinking water and protection against the sun-burn. A national italian license through payment at any post office (for foreigners D type license, cost 14€, source 2016) is required to fish the Flumendosa.