River Traun (Germany) fly fishing
After ten fishing trips to Austria, I often wondered if fishing in Germany would be as good. After reading a lot in the Internet, I decided to visit the private fishing waters belonging to Rudi Heger in the Bavaria region, an hour and half east of Munich. The trip took place in mid September 2015. The Rote Traun is a tributary of the Traun and its estuary delimits the section of the Weisse Traun. Located just five minutes from Siegsdorf, during our stay it had been suffering the drought. It had an average width of 8 meters, alternating currents with short backwaters areas and bushy banks. There is a lot of fish , mostly rainbow. Among 3 persons, we caught about 80 trout, some small, but at least two dozen of between 400 gr and a kilo. They were rising at times, although most of the catches happened on small perdigones nymphs. It was a fun day, yet we could not forget the trout under the bridge opposite the hotel. It will be our destination for the next day.