Discovery of slowness 


I arrive at the place, far from the urban life. Here the eyes are not forced to jump from one point to another overloaded with frantic stimulations, here I can embrace everything with a single glance.

The blooming of the nature is delayed by being high in the mountain. As I approach the stream, the holistic view slowly enriches of details.

The details of the scenary take the colours of a painting. Leaving things to their natural slowness, reflection becomes a natural condition. The mind slowly puts together the reason why we need to come to places like this.

The day has just begun, there is no hurry, it does not matter if I will catch trout or not. It is important to be by rhe river. It is the perfect state of things.

The valley narrows, the trail becomes more impervious.  The first trout dissolves any doubt, no one can explain why things go in a way and not in another, but one thing is certain, today it is just here I wanted to be.

Not even the drizzle that falls intermittently and the dark clouds that ride the sky can affect the state of inner happiness induced by the river.

Each cast, each pool or riffle renew the opportunity for hope, the slowness becomes the essential condition to fullfil this sense of completeness.

The path is now gone, but I keep moving foward, climbing on the rocks. The river becomes each step wilder and large trouts may be up there, waiting in the next pool. There is no hurry today.