Fly fishing on planet Kylmoor 


 Global warming on Planet Kylmoor

As consequence of an induced global warming, on planet Kylmoor almost all the ice has molten. Water has covered all the once emerging lands and in regards of fly fishing, this has opened new fronteers ..

.. exotic new places where to wet lines, new fishes and many new patterns to tye, like krill or copepods on hooks of 42 or smaller. In spite of this, many were still convinced that before things were much better and something could have been done to avoid the catastrophy.

Before the disaster, some species had even found out an easy formula that could have explained where the point-of-no-return was laying. However these wise creatures were sure that the formula on its own wasn't so complicated to be understood by any other form of intelligence and concluded that there must have been some other sort of driver.

Since water had been covering all the planet, life had become easeful. Many new artifacts were now accessible, and water species had many advanteges. Nontheless, the remaining inhabitants of Kylmoor were still sending signals to the outer space, to warn remote planets
Extra credits: K.V. is Kurt Vonnegut.
The pictures of South Pole: I cannot find anymore wherefrom I got these pics, if the author recognizes them, please send me a message and you will be credited, thanks