The Wasserlauf fundation fly fishing
EFA: I have visited the station in Buisdorf and I was impressed to see the Salmo salar in central Europen waters. Can you give your view on the purity of our waters and the trend ?
DFP: Our main problems in freshwater are still: connectivity, siltation, nutrification, bad hydromorphology, smolt losses through turbine passage, and in-river-fisheries in the Rhinedelta area.
We still work on this issues, but it is definitely a task for generations
EFA: what is the number of salmon that return per year, is it being increasing throughout the years ? What was the numbers of salmon in 2010 ?
DFP:Since 2000 we monitor about 250 and 550 salmon a year in NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia). Our registration rate is about 50 %. In 2010 we counted around 400. There is an increasing number since 2000, but this is due to restocking improvements during this period. We learned what the most successful restocking strategy is and have more returners by nearly the same (or even less) restocking numbers.