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Struggling to keep my line untangled and far from my feet I make a good 25 meter throw, tangent to the floating platform. I let the fly sink for a few seconds to then start stripping at speed of light. When the fly is about 10 meter from us I see them. Two Mahi Mahi (local name for the Coryphaena hippurus) are following. One will be a meter long, the other one a bit smaller. The level of adrenalin goes from zero to a hundred in a wink. I know that I cannot slow down the retrieving speed and keep stripping at full power. At five meter from the boat the largest fish engulfs the fly with a bolt jerk. I lift the rod that bends at the limit in the attempt of the strike. A fraction of a second and the 5/0 steel hook is darting back an inch from my ear and the fish is gone.