Fly fishing for trout in Romania 


by Mircea  

  It’s not the fish you are after..

  Many times, I prefer to go fishing in areas where I am sure I will meet nobody else..

  I look for small streams that are far away from any village or towns..

  These are very remote and wild places. No human soul for miles away.

  These streams are rarely fished due to their difficult and rocky terrain.

  While the fish are not big, they are all a natural stock and have wonderful colors.

  This is what I often call – Mountaineering fly fishing.

  In such areas, many times you forget to fish. Instead you find yourself admiring nature.

  In this canyon, numerous waterfalls alternate with small or medium pools that hold wild brown trout.

  Such places would require dry fly fishing, but there are a lot of very tight casting spots..

  I mainly use small nymphs, or wet flies..

  Trout are attacking the nymphs all day..

  A light gear, like a 9 ft 3 weight fly rod, is more than enough for fishing all the pools.

  The approach is critical since the fish are very spooky.

  Trout do not live in ugly places.