River Vuolajohka (Norway), part 2 


Image contr. P.& K.Majeran

4:00 PM Norwegian time. We are half the way through our walk in the high north of Europe on the low mountain of Finnmark. Our goal is a pristine and wild stream, thatis said to be rich of wild trout.

After a 10 kilometers walk, we come across a last human's artifact, a small wooden bridge that also marks the end of the path. We are above 68N Latitude and here we decide to start fishing.

Brownies of 20 cm rise on big sedge patterns amid the white waters.

We make our way upstream across birch woods, without any apparent sign of recent visitors. Ice has melted not long ago and the summer has just begun.

After the last rapid, a long area with flat and deep water lies in front of us.

Really big fish are rising on the opposite bank, well, too late to go back and try the other side at this point.

8:00 PM: dark heavy clouds roll over our heads. Just before the rain starts, I lose a big trout on a skating sedge in the shallow water of this pools. The fish rips the 0.18 mm leader.

During the pouring rain we moved along, peeping the water at times. We spotted huge shadows under the banks, monster trout or salmon that lost the way, we couldn't say.

9:00 PM, as it came so the storm left. While sky clears out, a dream vision springs up in front of us

Fish is rising everywhere. Very tiny rises. What at first looked like small trout, revealed to be brownies from 30 to 40 cm. Great fishing while regiments of mosquitoes storm on us and we pay our toll of blood in this paradise.

10:30: PM Fantastic scenarios and wild fish. We pinch ourselves to wake up from the dream, but it is all real. It is the wild side of Europe.

11:00 PM: we are heading back on the way we came from. We intend to fish a long pools of slow flowing water, while the sun starts to lower towards the horizon.

After midnight trout go into full activity. Dry fly fishing at its top. Fish are rising almost anywhere, once more the black gnat proves to be the fly up to the job.

2:45 AM Norwegian time: We are hungry and the potatoes we have with us are not enough. One trout each is 'sacrificed'. In this magic moment I can swear it is the most tasteful fish I'd ever eaten

4:00 AM: we are heading back to our camp. Twelve hours ago we started by walking this path. A long walk lies in front of us before being able to hit the bed and end another memorable day and to dream of the next fishing.