Salmon of river Neiden (Norway) 


  Image contr. K.& P.Majeran  

The river Neiden is an un-tamed river running through Finland where it is called Näätämö and, in its last kilometers, through Norway, where it flows into the Barents sea. The homonymous village of Neiden lies in Norway a few kilometers to the finnish border. And there, a hundred meter away from the river, our cabin was located.

A few Km. downstream of the village, the river ends in the Munkefjorden. At the estuary numerous sandbanks are exposed during low tide. Several species of birds and the harbor seal (Phoca vitulina) dwell here. A natural reserve protects about 12 squared kilometers of this area.

There are several waterfalls along the river. The most famous and memorable is the Skolltefossen, the Skolt cascade. The look at the rage of water moves a stirring feeling of empathy, profound respect and admiration for the silver creatures' strenght and will.

Zone 1: One of the best pools or at least one of the most ambitoned ones, is located right after the bridge on the Skolltefossen. Here it can get crowded almost all of the times. No more than one rod can fit the best pool.

Another top hot spot is at the end of zone 1. It can get crowded here as well.

If one decides to fish in these hot spots, he shall be prepared to rotating shifts with variable numbers of fly fishermen and to a hig degree of competition. On the other hand, in these places the most salmon are caught. Fishing was allowed 18:00 local time to 14:00 of the next day.

Zone 2: lies downstream to zone 1. It is full of lovely places and salmon are often jumping in front of your feet. The most accessible places are often well populated of fishermen too but zone 2 is far longer.

In spite of the great number of fish transitioning, the are few most profitable hot spots and they may adapt to season and the level of the water.

The rapids downstream the Skolltefossen were still part of zone 1. Here, among the tumultous waters, there were calmer pools where salmon kept on jumping. They may show up for hours disregarding any fly for days. Yet there are short magic moments when suddendly they start biting, for the delight on the ones passing by.

Upstream the Skolltefossen cataract, the river flows flat and wide and after about 2 kilometers another group of waterfalls breaks the scene. The orographic left side is here bushy and best places not easy to reach with a cast.

We regretted a bit not to have given more chance to this beat after we left. Considering there was no one fishing there and that we saw people catching salmon farther upstream.

A very nice salmon caught in a place where no one was fishing, after patiently exploring a wide area with the drifting fly. It provided a memorable dinner for all of us.