Seatrout (Norway) 


The place looked promising even though during our first visit we had been facing stormy weather, today it turned out a nice day. The water not too deep, an ideal hunting area sea-trout like to hang around.

Weeds prosper in the shallow bottom, pinkish rocks call for a pink shrimp, the tide is filling in the fjord.

Fishing in lack of 'vital' signs is about casting the streamer across the underwater vegetation and hoping in a follower. Every once in a while a glancing side shines in the blue water after our fly, and let us hope in a good fish.

They are small sea trout of about 20 -25 cm. in size. On top of the page, a moment while the tide is still low, exposing bush of plants which all carry some sort of fruit capsule. The area is well known for hosting the giant crab, a local delicacy, very much sought-after by crab fisher, who often use salmon strips as bait.

The small trout are enough to set hope in us and actually some big shadows have been following the streamer but never seriously decided to bite.

On the next day, while the tide is reaching its climax and the magic moment seems to get closer, an algae infloresence strikes the all coast, the water turns from gyn-clear to cappuccino-like. All fish have disappeared. In a moment the decision is taken to leave and check another corner of the fjord

Just a mile away there is bay with sandy bottom and clean from the infloresence. Here sea trout are grazing, the tail is often visible in bonefish style and the day suddendly turns up. After losing a first big fish of an estimated 4 kilos, other nice sized sea trout cheer up the day. Click on the image to view the video of the story.