River Tormes (E) 


by Paco Redondo  

The Tormes river is wide and shallow. In many areas it is possible to wade and the fisherman can do long cast to the trout rises.

Fish are almost always positioned between the abundant channels formed by aquatic plants and where fishing is usually possible only with dry flies.

The livery of the fish is unsurpassed. His great size and color makes them unmistakable in this area of the river Tormes. The fisherman must treat them with care to avoid damage to their internal organs.

LEFT: One of the most used flies is an imitation of sedge, very abundant in the area. Tied with olive deer hair and red squirrel.
RIGHT: The abundant Ignitas hatching in May and June make necessary the use of flies like this mounted hooks nº 18-16.

RIGHT: Magnificent specimen of brown trout caught with an imitation of mayfly. The fisherman look says everything about this beautiful animal.
LEFT: A prompt return conducted carefully will promote immediate recovery and ensure their survival.

Cobwebs over the bridges in this river show signs of insects hatched, its color and its size. Very interesting information that an experienced fly fisher will take into account.

A nice imitation of Rhitrogena made with exhuvia olive of Golden of antron and red squirrel hair, natural color cdc feather wings.

LEFT: Releasing another fantastic specimen caught in Galisancho, one of mythical and most beautiful fishing grounds of the Tormes River. (The position of the hands while holding is paramount to avoid damage to the animal.)
RIGHT: There is a reserve of "Huchos" Salmon the Danube in Galisancho, only place in Spain where it has managed to acclimatize and breed. Fisher shows proud his catch made with streamer.

The vegetation is very abundant, both on the banks and in the interior of the channel, which makes very difficult the recovery of these large specimens that are fight and hide among it with ease, producing in many cases the break of the tippet.
I have been fishing regularly this place since many years, and it has always given me great catches. "Patagonia Charra" as someone calls it, and with good reason. No doubt who fish in this stretch has the chance to catch "the fish of a lifetime". Someone with a good knowlegde of the area may increase this chance. There are guiding services available at http://www.pescatravel.com/pesca/rio/espana.htm
Recommended tackle: the best is a fast rod, 9ft. #4 with tippet 0.12 - 0.14 mm