León province (Spain)  


by Juanjo Jaras    

EMBALSE DEL PORMA: The reservoirs in the north of the province of León, located at more than thousand meters high of the Cantabrian Mountains offer magnificent fly fishing for trout, especially during the month of April to mid May.

The Curueno River is the main tributary of the river Porma , a fly fishing river by excellence. On the banks of the river, whigh is located the region of La Vecilla, León famous cocks are bred for their feathers, featuring unparalleled color and shine.

The Duerna River is located in the west of the province of León. It has an exceptional population of native trout (never been repopulated –stocked-)and it is located in a privileged environment. The ancient Romans exploited its bed in search of gold nuggets.

LEFT: Three major reservoirs are in the north of León, the reservoir Porma, Barrios de Luna and Riano. Besides allowing fishing for big carp and trout, among other fish, the lakes regulate the flow of the great rivers like the Porma, Órbigo and Esla. This makes possible to fish these streams with excellent water levels during the summer months and until mid October.
RIGHT: The "father" Esla, as this river is referred to in Leon, is the main stream where the main rivers of the province converge. It is regulated by the reservoir of Riano. Their hatches of flies are magnificent all year, deserving special attention to stoneflies, with large hatches in the month of May and mayflies ignitas from early July.

LEFT: The Porma River is another of the main channels of Leon beside the Órbigo and Esla. It has some of the mythical fishing beats of the province, like or Cerezales or El Condado. It is a river with a large population of trout, some of great size.
RIGHT: The Órbigo river in the fishing beat of Santa Marina del Rey, formerly reference for fishermen across Europe, today rundown, but still able to offer unforgettable days. In the years when the buttercup blooms, the hatches of ignitas are amazing, and the trout fishing between vegetation water channels is unforgettable.

Dry fly fishing is the queen in the province of León. The abundant hatches let the trout rise on the surface throughout all seasons of the year. Long and thin tippets to prevent dragging the surface will lead us to success.

LEFT: But there is not only fishing in León. It is also probably the province of Spain mycologically more fruitful. Its cuisine is excellent and the wines will delight any traveler fisherman. Friendly and open people will sourround our fishing days.
RIGHT: The Órbigo river starts wjere the Luna and Omana rivers join, and from that point and almost to its mouth into the Esla one can find big trout gorging on the surface. The months of July and August are specially good for fishing, with much activity at dawn and dusk. Very strong trout that can easily break the tippets of the most experienced fishermen.