River Enz (Germany) 


The Enz originates in the Northern Black Forest and runs for 112 Km. in the German region of Baden Württemberg. The part we have fished is the Peter Ebert's "Strecke", which is approximately 3 Km. long.

This section of the river runs almost entirely far enough from roads and traffic. The banks are bushy and rich of vegetation and it is possible to wade almost everywhere - at least under normal water levels.

The river here hosts big trout (60 or more cm. are not rare), brownies and rainbows. Some grayling are present too but a bit the exception. In the higher part there are big pike too.

With the shadow cast by the surrounding vegetation, at first glance the water may seem dark. It is instead very clear, as depicted in the next underwater picture ..

.. and full of minnows, gudgeon and, most important for the fly anglers, rich of benthos.

During our visit, beginning of September, the Heptagenia sulphurea (in the picture above a male subimago) has been hatching widely from morning to evening, along with plenty of tiny Baetidae. Sedges have been playing their role too in attracting fish on the surface.

In spite of the large presence of hatching mayflies we caught the big fish mostly on nymph.

Weighted well sunken light coloured hare's ear nymphs have been catching almost all my brown trouts, while the classic Montana (in the pictures) turned out to be irresistible for big rainbows.

Above a view of the end of the reserve, the vineyards around the village of Roßwag are visible in the background. Worth to mention the delicious Dornfelder red wine, which is produced in the area.