Slovenia a fly fishing country   



One of the most popular destination in Europe for do fly fishing is Slovenia. Why is Slovenia so popular?

Turquoise waters, inaccessible canyons, lakes and hight diversity and density of fishes, make this destination a small paradise of 122 k㎡ of waters for us, the fly fishing lovers

The Marble trout only exists in the rivers that flow in the Adriatic Sea. This trout can reach a large size and weigh more than ten kilograms, the size is one of the reasons that makes the marble trout so popular and sought-out.

Rainbow population in some rivers is considerable, sometimes is difficult distinguish these specimens at the bottom of the pools, but the aggressiveness of their bite will confirm that we are facing a rainbow trout.

Another species that we find in Slovenian waters and of great interest for fly fishing is Grayling, this fish has a large dorsal fin that characterizes it and we can find it in rivers such as Soča, Idrijca and Vipava, as well as other tributaries of the Danube.

Slovenia with little more than 20,000 k㎡ is one of the smallest countries in Europe, but in it we find a wide variety of waters to practice fly fishing, without the need to travel long distances by car.

The Soča is surely one of the most emblemathic rivers in Slovania . Adrian & Aitor, authors of the article are Operations Managers and Chief Guidesof Alps Fly Fish are located in the Soča valley (