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Mayflies, sedges and stoneflies are key indicators of the quality of our streams.

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Ecosystems integrity : Macroinvertebrates are a key part of the chain of life and play a crucial role in the overall balance of the water ecosystems. The presence (or absence) of Ephemeroptera, Tricophtera and Plecoptera in our water bodies reflect the health of our streams.

Headwaters protection: a way to maintain biodiversity reservoirs. The small streams and brooks retain and carry sediment and nutrients and they provide habitat for numerous aquatic and riparian organisms. Safeguarding these environments has a critical influence on downstream rivers and water systems.

Sustainability: The sampling method here employed aims to the maximum sustainability and lowest impact on the environment. Bugs are collected with a thin meshed net and held in a specific container. Nymphs are photographed in water and released alive and kicking. The identification is done based on pictures. The process is repeated within a ten meters radius of the reported coordinates.

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