Maldives Fly fishing

The Maldives in the Indian Ocean, a tourist paradise of white sand and turquoise water. Beside the post-card beaches and snorkeling, the flats offer good chances to fly anglers and fantastic opportunities to fly fish for giant trevally.

Fly fishing the Neckar

We arrive in the morning, park the car and get the first feel for the water from the bridge by the Golf course. A fly fishermen is stalking some rising fish. The spidernets on the bridge rails we see of olive dun mayflies and some translucent spinners.

Back to Blau

Finally we come back to the Blau. This chalk stream is our heart. We have been missing for several years and eventually we found the opportunity to pay a visit and check how things are doing here in the German flat land of the region Baden-Württenberg.

Curly fly for the pike

The fact that we can build our own special flies makes every catch an uncomparable sense of achievement. Pike fishing often means for big and bulky flies (not a rule though)and it is not easy to get a good balance netween bulk, casting and effectiveness.


Gammarus : Gammarus roeseli


Small perch are a good part of the diet of pike and zander and even of grown up perch. Here a realistic fly trying to imitate a young perch.


This shrimp imitation missed the target fish it was originally thought and designed for, but it caught lots of other casual catches.

Killer bug

The mytical pattern of Frank Sawyer is an all round great nymph. Here a re-mix with two wool sorts and a tweak to reduce snags.

Gackiña emerger

The Gackiña is tied to work in the 'Limbo' between the submerged water column and the emerged world.


Sculpin thrive in a wide spectrum of waters, from mountain stream to potamon. For this pattern I employ spoons single hooks 

VIDEO Sea-trout

A sudden algae bloom colors the water, what to do? I am forced to change the fishing place. And by chance I find this beach 

VIDEO The Bodden

The 'Bodden' are flat body of waters in the Baltic sea. As the salt content is low, fresh water species accustom and thrive 


The River Aelva in Norway is untamed and offers good hot spots for salmon fishing and observing them overcoming the waterfalls  


River Aelva

River Ybbs

River Borselv

River Gacka