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New sedge in DBase

While I was streamer-fishing a reservoir for pike, cinnamon sedges were were popping out from the water, hatching to the surface to skate toward the emerging grass close to the bank and dry their wings.

Monster barbel on a fly

2021, the world is still in lockdown, travelling is a far memory. For the addicted to big and strong fish a real curse. So we have to find the challenge close to home. Where and how?

Nera Fly fishing

The river Nera runs in Umbria, in the middle of Italy. This region is one of the most charming in the country. With gorgeous lanscapes,perched on hills middle-age villages and beatiful rivers.

Maldives Fly fishing

The Maldives in the Indian Ocean, a tourist paradise of white sand and turquoise water. Beside the post-card beaches and snorkeling, the flats offer good chances to fly anglers and fantastic opportunities to fly fish for giant trevally.

Fly fishing the Neckar

We arrive in the morning, park the car and get the first feel for the water from the bridge by the Golf course. A fly fishermen is stalking some rising fish. The spidernets on the bridge rails are full with olive dun mayflies and some translucent spinners.


Medium sedge : Goera pilosa

Crane fly

Crane flies are not typical water insects, but they leave in proximity of the streams and when the wind can send them tumbling into the water.

Barbel wire

This fly has been a constant performer for barbel on my local river. I have not tested yet on trout, but I can imagine it might work well too on alpine streams.

Torrent queen

The torrent queen is designed to imitate the Epeorus nymph and it is a top search pattern overall for white waters and fast currents.

Killer bug

The mytical pattern of Frank Sawyer is an all round great nymph. Here a re-mix with two wool sorts and a tweak to reduce snags.

Gackiña emerger

The Gackiña is tied to work in the 'Limbo' between the submerged water column and the emerged world.


Sculpin thrive in a wide spectrum of waters, from mountain stream to potamon. For this pattern I employ spoons single hooks 

Relaxing in nature

Chalk-stream fishing is one of the most beautiful fly fishing. The peaceful and relaxing flow of these rivers set the anglers in a special state of mind.  


Down a steep path we reach this gorgeous alpine stream. In our trip to mountain we have been searching for quality fish, even if this might mean spending the all day without seeing a fin 


Who has not caught a grayling while drifting a tube fly with the two-hand? Salmon rivers often host large grayling. So why not to give it a try with a dry fly


Arctic circle, arctic lake and arctic char.


East Ranga

River Bialka

True Stories

Targeting barbel