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And then the flood came. The level increased, the current became terrific. The water was murky and it was impossible to see farther than her nose. To find nourishment became a real challenge and to swim back to the old pool was unthinkable. She was now kilometers away from her old hideout. The level kept growing, the fields were flooded, and she found herself eating drowned crickets and worms on the inundated meadows. The situation was becoming dramatic. Having to wander across open field and without a shelter was, for a lady of her size, a real hazard. Tiamat tried twice to run into small lateral tributaries, but found impossible conditions. The water was stinky and it was almost impossible to breathe. Likely some sort of pollution caused by the biped humans. She was about to give up and accept her faith, when she swam into the next smaller course of water to find that it was promising. The water was relatively clear, and its quality definitely more than acceptable. Furthermore, school of small fish were dwelling in abundance and she could prey them with little effort. After the poor diet of the last months and the rough conditions she had been through, she was now taking all the chances to storm any possible prey. She forgot her being cautious. In the new surroundings she had no safe point of reference. She was too hungry and actually was enjoying the newly found little Eden.