Curly fly for the pike

Fly Fishing for Pike is a unique passion. If you’ve ever caught a big pike with the fly, you know what it means.h

Back to Blau

This chalk stream is our heart. We have been missing for several years and eventually we found the opportunity to pay a visit and check how things are doing here in the German flatland of Baden-Württenberg

Makos of the neighborhood

Chub can reach 10 and more pounds and in remarkable size they are real game fish

A shrimp for the sea trout

When fly fishing for costal sea trout shrimp patterns are a prime choice

Slovenia fly fishing country

Slovenia is a very popular country among fly anglers. Adrian & Aitor, resident fly fishing guides, emphasize the reasons of this repoutation

Digital fishing art

Digital paint art has leaped beyond black ink sketch desing software...

Hawthorn fly

The Hawthorn fly is no aquatic insect like mayflies and sedges, yet it is on the diet list of many fishes...

Six feet rod

I have been long skeptical in regards of short canes and ultra light tackles but fishing small creeks under tangled vegetation is a powerful boost to acknowledge that this tackle is perfect for this challenging environment. Additionally, delicacy in the presentation and accuracy in placing the fly right where we need it are big upsides of the six feet class.

Vintage Fly Fishing

Technically referring to something from the past of high quality, the vintage antique fishing tackle awake emotions from the glorious era.

Fly fishing recipe

You might know this situation: you’re in the middle of stunning wilderness, the fishing conditions are seemingly perfect…. BUT….you’ve been fishing for hours without the slightest success...

Planet Kylmor

Warm greetings from a far planet, that tells us about an innatural catastrophy. Danger: do not try to imitate the actions shown in this article, you may put your life in jeopardy, this is fishing-fiction ...

The Wasserlauf fundation

Interview to the "Wasserlauf" fundation, that aims to encourage the return of migratory fish species and the further development of the bodies of water in the german region of North Rhine-Westphalia

Gaula - making of

Filmmaker Daniel Göz presents together with Anton Hamacher the new film "Gaula - River of Silver & Gold", the fascination of flyfishing for Atlantic Salmon


The Serratella ignita is one of the classic mayflies for the sommer months, whose imitation ...


Aki Huhtanen, a professional guide specialized in extreme grayling fishing and wilderness tours in the finnish mountain and tundra


Interview with Ivan Tarin, european guide based in Spain. He tell about his latest trip in the south american Patagonia

A summer hatch

In spite of the hot afternoon, we started fishing the creek by leveraging on a sparse emergence of late Mayflies (Ephemera danica) that were sporadically popping up to then drift and flutter on the surface ...

Mediterranean sea-bass

Hunting for sea-bass with the fly may sound like a difficult undertaking for anyone who would like to approach fly-fishing in salt waters, especially during the summer time ...

Chub on a dry

Big chub on a dry-fly, during summer an opportunity to pay a visit to the river around the corner..

Danica Hatch - Movie

During the Ephemera danica hatches, between end of May and mid June, even the largest trout come to feed at the surface

Ephemera Mayfly time

A huge rainbow trout with hooked jaw caught on a dry ..

Targeting Barbel

Targeting at big barbel, it is not just a relativism for philsophers of extreme fly fishing ...

The green sedge

The sedge (Thricoptera) family of Ryhacophilidae is a world-wide spread insects group of high profile to fly anglers ...

Muddler heads

Muddler minnow and its variations, a fly that this year accounted for plenty of fishes, embracing from the upper Rhithron alpine streams down to Potamon slow flowing waters

The Grannom

One of the first sedge in spring, its mass hacthing makes it a fly of great importance to fly anglers ...

Discovery of slowness

Far from the urban life, away from the frantic...

Trout season opening

The first day of trout season, an appointment that this time ...

Winter dudes

With the mind free from having to focus on possible hatches or nymph techniques, in winter we can dust off our large streamer boxes and try to lure hungry predators

A pike's tale

With the arrive of the cold winter life seems suspended in that corner of the pond, but beneath the surface ...

Of Pike & Mice

When hunting for pike the water environment and its intrinsic characteristics acquire a special meaning for those who take care of reading them ...

Pike time !

When hunting for pike the water environment and its intrinsic characteristics acquire a special meaning for those who take care of reading them ...