EuroFlyAngler - VR2 fly fishing

Target fish: trout

DRESSING (by Andrea Cucccaro):

Hook: 6 - 14
Mounting thread: black
Tail:pheasent fibers
Underbody: lead wire
Abdomen: hare´s ear dubbing
Rib: gloden tinsel
Thorax: Red Angler Hair
Notes: HCE VR2 Classic offers remarkable success in fast water, on trout and grayling, for this latter the smallest version is best suited. The weighted body helps this fly swiftly reach the desired depth, in the tungesten version this feature is enhanced (the patter on hook 8 weight about 0,7 grams). This pattern can be use as single fly or togehter with other nymphs, in the largest sized is better to use this fly at the tip of the leader. The color of this nymph imitates a large spectrum of nymphs normally present in our rivers. The partridge hackle gives the extra "alive" look.