EuroFlyAngler - Nymph mayfly fly fishing

Target fish: trout


Hook: 10 - 12 long or extra long
Mounting thread: black
Tail & Body: Yellow olive mallard duck, 1 feather
Legs, Thorax: CDC
Wingcase: black quill
Notes: Mayfly (Ephemera Danica) emerging nymph. To be used in presence of mayfly (E.Danica) hatches, even if sporadics. This fly is a killer. I employed it in several occasions, in presence of Danica hatches and even if fish were seen feeding of winged Ephemeras, this fly caught more then any other dry pattern I tried. It is not weighted. Either let it with the drift or stripped gently, it proved irrestible with trouts, graylings and even other species. A successful use of it however may demand good experience in fishing without seeing the fly.