Bug Of The Week

- KINGDOM Animalia

- SUBKINGDOM Eumetazoa

- PHYLUM Arthropoda

- SUBPHYLUM Hexapoda

- CLASS Insecta

- ORDER Plecoptera

- FAMILY Perlodidae

- GENUS Perlodes

- SPECIES microcephala

Perlodes microcephala  (Imago  Female)

Most liklely found between

P.microcephala is a large stonefly common in all Europe. Its habitat spans from the potamon to the rhithron upto to 1300 m. above sea level.

The body of the female can reach the size of up to 2,5 cm

Forewing characterized by irregular cross-veins at the apex.

Details of subgenital plate, highlight: distally shaped with a low incision in the middle