Bug Of The Week

- KINGDOM Animalia

- SUBKINGDOM Eumetazoa

- PHYLUM Arthropoda

- SUBPHYLUM Hexapoda

- CLASS Insecta

- ORDER Trichoptera

- FAMILY Limnephilidae

- GENUS Glyphotaelius

- SPECIES pellucidus

Glyphotaelius pellucidus  (Imago  Male)

Most liklely found between

The G.pellucidus (mottled sedge) hatches from end of April till end of October

Detail of the head in dorsal view (Ocelli present) and antennae

Detail of the typical arcuate embayment of the wingtips

Adbomen, ventral view

Genitalia detail

Males have maxillar palps with 3 segments

Close up of the mottled wing