Bug Of The Week

- KINGDOM Animalia

- SUBKINGDOM Eumetazoa

- PHYLUM Arthropoda

- SUBPHYLUM Hexapoda

- CLASS Insecta

- ORDER Plecoptera

- FAMILY Nemouridae

- GENUS Nemurella

- SPECIES picteti

Nemurella picteti  (Imago  Male)

Most liklely found between

N.picteti is a tiny stonefly widely spread allover Europe. Its habitat spans from small brooks, springs to large rivers and lakes.

Hatching period spans from April to October.

Ventral view. No prosternal gills (Key for Nemoura and Nemurella genera)

Male genitalia detail.

Veins Sc1 and Sc2 present on both wings (only front wing shown), along with cross-veins in cubital area: key for Nemouridae family

1st and 3rd tarsus are sub-equal. Second tarsus much shorter. (Key for genus Nemurella, key normally used for nymphs)