Bibio pomonae

Imago  Male

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  - Order Diptera
  - Family Bibionidae
  - Genus Bibio
  - Species pomonae   Register new user or reset password

I was fishing an alpine stream at about 800 m above sea level. I was using two flies and searching the water but catching nothing. I had rigged with a dropper fly and a buoyant dry-fly that I kept on swapping in the hope of waking the interest of the trout sooner or later. No bite, until I mounted a black foam mid-sized fly.

I know it should be the other way round, but after catching the trout I spent some time examining a pool with still water. It is then that I saw some specimen of Bibio pomonae trapped in the surface film and struggling not to drown.

B.pomonae is common in all Europe, but in southern Europe can be found only in the mountains. Even if it is not an aquatic insect, it often ends in the water, and its frenetic movements attract fish.

The femours color is crimson-red, while tibiae and tarsi are black.

The front tibia features a pair of large spurs