The Wasserlauf fundation fly fishing
EFA: by reading your goals, I must say that they match with the ones of tens of thousends and more other fly anglers in Europe. How do anglers support such initiatives ?
DFP: They still do by menpower as well by sponsoring our project within their clubs or associations. Some of them privately by purchasing “Wanderfisch Aktien” (Migratory fish shares).
EFA: how is the project financed and can you tell us about your Wanderfisch-Aktien (Migratory fish shares)
DFP: The project is financed by state taxes, EU-funding as well as private partnership. By purchasing migratory fish shares “Wanderfischaktien” you help establish the work of the Wasserlauf Foundation. Even for 50 Euros you can acquire a share, and so make an important contribution to the Wasserlauf Foundation and its work. The shares are decorative and will be made out in your name or the name of your organisation. They are a nice eyecatcher to hang on the wall, and are also suitable as gifts or charitable donations to friends or business partners.