The Wasserlauf fundation fly fishing
EFA: does the fishway work ? Scientists report that the fish tend to go where the flow of the water is stronger, avoiding fishways, what is your experience on this matter ?
DFP: We can confirm this.
In NRW we have a kind of technical guide for fishway constructions called “Handbuch Querbauwerke”. It gives us geometric and hydraulic calibration values for fishway contructions. The fishways, that are closed to these values have good chances to work. But of course there are many fishways that were built in the past, that don’t fit to these values. We have to work on this.
At Buisdorf, where our monitoring station is located, we improved the fishway with several technical supplements and we achieved a rate of 85 % for all species and around 50 % for salmon. The rest of salmon run uptstream by jumping over the weir or during highflood periods.