The Wasserlauf fundation fly fishing
EFA: Your initiative started in 1998, what was the trigger and what is the status at the time
DFP:The Diadromous Fish Project is a State specific continuation of the Rhine action plan "Salmon 2000". It includs by word other diadromous species such as eel, shad or houting. For salmon we established a pool of returners that is mainly a restocking reared. In some tributaries there is a regulary natural reproduction but its part for smoltproduction is less than 25 %. This is caused by the limits that our rivers have due to human activities during the last centuries and it is one of our main goals to restore these rivers within the Water Frame Work directive.
EFA: What do you stock, salmon eggs or parr ? Does the stock still takes place regularly every year ?
DFP: We restock a mix of summer parrs, smolts and 1+ parrs every year. Main part have summerparrs around 1 g.