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From: Chief Editor

Date: 02-02-2021 20:41:28

there might be some thruth in the saying “small fly catch small and big fish“. Or perhaps it was due only to chance, some of the largest pike I ever caught attacked barely 10cm long flies.

From: Chief Editor

Date: 02-02-2021 20:42:19

The pike above was caught on this white fly.

From: Chief Editor

Date: 02-02-2021 20:44:48

Pike fishing will soon close until mid April May in most European waters. So I had been hoping to open the 2021 season in January and test some new patterns, but the weather has been so far inclement. At least here in central Germany. Non stopping rain, at time snow. The river Rhine is four meters above its standard flow. So nothing remains than to fantasize of the next fishing and of course tie flies.

From: Chief Editor

Date: 02-02-2021 20:45:36

Looking for new inspiration I have found this pattern, published by a popular American fishing tackles vendor. Not a small fly. I like its simplicity and minimalism. I have tied a couple and eager to test it in European waters.

From: Editorial Staff

Date: 05-02-2021 19:51:45

I tried to replicate the minimalist fly using different colors. Not sure about the outcome, I will definitely try to use.
Tail black fishair with two lateral scales strips.
Body white bucktail, four ties, one after the other towards the hook eye. Each time, between the layers of bucktail, some sparse green and then blue flashabu fibers. On the top of the head blue bucktail

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