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From: Editorial Staff

Date: 15-11-2022 19:51:18

the design of the circle hooks is that the point points upward to the shank. Mostly used for live baits and big predators, they can be used for fly fishing too. But do not seem to be much popular. The theory behind this design is that when a hook is swallowed by a fish it will not set until the line is tighten and the hook's eye is outside the mouth. Only in this moment the hook twists and sets, typically in the corner of the mouth, hence without damaging internal organs, like gills and throat. Additionally the circle hook should reduce snags while pulling the fly through stumps or submerged trees. It is self-hooking, when a fish takes the fly just hold tight and the fish will hook itself. There are circle hooks in small size too for tying nymphs and in US they are mandatory in same area for fishing on endangered species.

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