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From: Editorial Staff

Date: 14-03-2021 15:21:38

Most anglers may think that belly boats are a very recent floating solutions. But recent is relative if we think that they have been in the field since the end of the 1800. In these the times they were offered to anglers and duck hunters.
Since their first appearance in the consumer market and until the 1970s they looked like truck air-chambers, large inner tubes round shaped like big life buoys.

From: Editorial Staff

Date: 14-03-2021 15:22:24

In the 1980s the first U-shaped belly boat was introduced and even if some precursor models already offered oaks mounting, it is only in the recent times that these innovations broke through and started to become popular.

From: Editorial Staff

Date: 14-03-2021 15:23:07

Nowadays round models completely disappeared. U-shape, V-shape, with oaks and e-engine mounting are offered by most manufacturers. Modern belly boats have in the pontoon boat a new competitor. However in comparison, they remain unbeaten in portability, and , being lower on the water, against wind exposure.

From: Editorial Staff

Date: 14-03-2021 15:23:33

Belly might be not everyone's tool, but for those who has the luck to have suitable waters, they are an amazing way to expreience a full immersion in the environment. The feel to literally sit on the water and their extreme sharp maneuverability, matched with the capability to hold the position with the least effort, make them a unique floating experience to get to those corners that are impossible to reach from the bank.

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