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From: Editorial Staff

Date: 28-01-2021 20:30:18

Japanese scientists were able to prove that the endangered species Sakhalin taimen (Parahucho perryi), one of largest, most ancient salmon species living between eastern Russia, Sakhalin and Hokkaido islands is still running in some Hokkaido rivers. With the eDNA technology they were able to detect in which rivers this salmonid is still present. The eDNA (environmental DNA) is a breaking through technology that can tell about the organism living in water bodies by collectiong water samples. This science is rapidly developing and promising to become the most powerful tool for monitoring the health of our rivers and lakes. With the next-generation sequencing it is possible to profile thousands different species from a single water sample and without the need to disrupt ecosystems by collecting living samples:
The technology is able to determine the presence not only of fish. It was already used to detect small amphibians and macrobenthos

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