Salmon flies

Orange knight

Target fish: Salmon


Hook:  Bartleet 2
Chicks:  jungle cock
Body:  thin cooper wire
Rib:  thin cooper wire
Wing: orange rabbit fur strip
Throat:  tuft of orange fur
Head:  black

Note:  it was dusk at the arctic circle, at midnight I was fishing a salmon pool in wading upto the waiste when the silence in which I was sunken was suddendly broken by a large fishtail that smashed on the water. A first time a couple of meter away from me, a few seconds later right in front. After slowly climbing back to the bank, I had been trying every type of floating bomber for the next 20 minutes. Then I mounted the Orange Knight. The fly was swimming in the deep slow current when the big fish bit it. After 20 seconds of fight, it ran downstrem and got off the hook. I can still evoke the emotion of those moments.